History of Security Camera Systems

Journey of security camera is very interesting. With rapidly changing in technology, huge changes took place in security cameras. First security cameras were used in the 1940s and 1950s. It was bulky and the film was necessary. Quality of recording was not good and it was very costly.

In the 1990s the quality of security camera enhanced with the help of the multiplexer. Due to use of multiplexer the price was reduced drastically with better advantages. All the images were captured in the single cassette and one could be viewed all the images again from a single camera. Lot of business owners and home owners installed the security camera to preserve the precious property.

Digital camcorders were arrived in the market after multiplexer. Camcorders enhanced the video camera along with the video recorder. DVR (Digital Video Recorder) were popular as it captured the video with more quality with surrounding sound. DVR was used with surveillance cameras due to its high  quality and other useful functionality. History of Security Camera Systems

After the popularity of DVR the technological innovation taken place in security cameras to achieve the more challenges. Along with technological internet was a booming era. All the homes and businesses were equipped with the broadband internet connection. Security cameras were invented to connect the technology and broadband internet. IP cameras are the most powerful cameras in the recent days. One can access the video under the security camera over mobile phone with the help of internet connection. Many new cameras are evolving with new functionality such as 360 degree view, night mode watch, high resolution, atmosphere resistant etc. Despite of this functionality in security camera still improvement is taking place to meet the more expectations and objectives in research & development.


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