How to Select the Security Camera for Small Business?

Today for the safety reasons one need to keep an eye on the surroundings to protect precious property by 24X7X365. By watching personally or by hiring the security person is a very frustrating job which does not give any outcomes. So, for this alternative choosing the security camera is the best way. But, one may confuse which one is to buy. Some research is required to select the best security camera to serve your purpose. Here are some points that helps you in selecting the best security camera.

Number of Security Cameras Required

This is the very first question when buying the security camera. Numbers of cameras are decided on the basis of the total area under surveillance. One big area and with several small rooms required more than one security camera. For the key observation cameras are needed to install at the key points with right angle to keep better watch on the property.

Power of Camera Lenses

Power of camera lenses is very essential criteria to choose according to the area under surveillance. If an area is wide open then wide angle lens should be used. If the area is narrow, then standard lends are sufficient to keep a good watch. For the optimum viewing area, adjustable loans are can be used.Security Camera for Business

Standard of Images

Number of TV lines and Resolution camera give us a quality image and recording information. Frame rate speed is directly proportional to the recording smoothness and moving object’s output. For moderate speed 15 fps is sufficient and for fast moving objects 24 fps required. (Note: fps stands for frames per second)

Place of the Cameras

The camera should be installed in such a manner that it meets the standard of lens. As mentioned above wide angle lenses are beneficial to cover the wide area like factories, workshops and parking spaces. Zoom features of cameras allow adjusting the field of view by remote control. For the selecting the place of camera, the atmosphere and around the environment is also needed to be considered protecting it from dust and strong wind.

Selecting the Security Cameras

In the market various varieties of cameras are present, but selecting the right one is a tedious job. Considered the objective of setting up the cameras and purpose of surveillance to select the camera type such as brick cameras, bullet cameras, dome cameras, dummy cameras, IR cameras, hidden cameras, IP cameras, PTZ cameras, square case cameras.

Power of Surveillance Software

Surveillance software is an indispensable part of security camera. Surveillance software increase in meeting our objective and needs efficiently & effectively. The better the software, faster is the response rate. Software can add more features to your camera. Those features are like the SMS notification, accessing the video footage on mobile, E Mail notification, etc.

Other Criteria’s

Following are more points to be considered while installing the security cameras
• Intensity of Light
• Time of Recording
• Performance and Compatibility of the monitoring system

Selecting the right security cameras and installing it will help in preventing theft, accidents and keeping the property safe.


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